I recently created a fairly simple web application called Vibrant Snips. It is an online syntax highlighter that supports close to 100 languages as of right now. There are quite of few sites out there that do the similar things, but I have focused more on site aesthetics (the others don't look too appealing), and the ability to easily share your snippet of code.

Tools and Languages Used

I created the application with Ruby on Rails and Bootstrap, with development done through RubyMine. I haven't done much with Ruby on Rails, so this was quite the learning experience! There are a few features that I am still looking to add, such as registration, managing your code snippets and more. I will hopefully be getting to more features in the coming months.

How To Create a Vibrant Snip

To create vibrant snip is pretty straightforward:
  1. Type (or paste) your code into the text box
  2. Name your snip
  3. Choose a language
  4. Pick a Theme
  5. Check whether or not you want line numbers to appear in the output
After you click "Make it Vibrant!", your will be redirect to page with your snip styled with the theme you choose.

From here, you can share your snip to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or just copy and paste the URL. The snip will stay there permanently, so don't worry about the URL changing. In case your snip is very large, your also have the option to view it in full screen mode.

Overall, I hope you guys find use out of the tool as I have, and please feel free to provide any feedback.