Clover: Chrome-like File Browsing

Posted on December 8th, 2013

One feature that I think the traditional Windows File Explorer has always been lacking is the option for tabbed browsing. Thankfully, this is exactly what Clover does. Clover is a third-party Windows File Explorer extension that brings Google Chrome-like tabs to the traditional File Explorer. No longer do you need to open multiple explorers to view different directories at the same time. If you are used to using Google Chrome , Clover will feel very familiar.

If you notice above, Clover looks much like your Chrome browser. With multiple tabs open, it is incredibly easy to move between directories without having many windows open. You can also add bookmarks with Clover, and they appear on the bookmarks bar right below your tabs.

Bookmarks can be easily added by pressing Ctrl+D, or you can simply right click on the bookmarks bar to add a page or folder. Right clicking on the bookmarks bar or an open tab also gives you a few more options, such as reopening closed tabs, closing other tabs, bookmark all tabs, and more.

There are a few other hotkeys besides Ctrl+Dthat make browsing through your files with Clover even easier. These include:
  •      Ctrl+Topens a new tab
  •      Ctrl+Wcloses the current tab
  •      Ctrl+Tabswitches between your open tabs
  •      Ctrl+Shift+Treopens previously closed tab
  •      Ctrl+Shift+Dbookmarks all open tabs
Overall, Clover provides users     with a      seamless multi-tab functionality to mimic Google     Chrome. It is incredibly efficient, and easy to use. If you     would like to try it, go to the      official     webpage, and start your download.

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