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Posted on January 20th, 2014

There is always a constant cloud storage battle between services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, etc. Although I recommend all of these services, having your own personal cloud storage device allows you to have terabytes of data shared across your network, and even remotely.

The WD My Cloud has 3 different storage capacities - 2TB ($150), 3TB ($179) and 4TB ($239). It even has a USB 3.0 port to easily extend your storage with an external hard drive. It is incredibly easy to set up, and has a fluid web interface that allows you to give other users access to your cloud from any PC, Mac, tablet or phone. Seamlessly stream your movies and music across your home network, and experience the power of having your personal cloud storage device.

Fluid Interface

One of my favorite things about WD My Cloud is how easy it is to manage your device. Each folder you have in your cloud has its own permissions, where you can specify who has access to it, and who does not. You can even give users cloud access so they are able to access your storage from a mobile device.

You are also able to analyze your capacity usage with a nice pie chart that details how you are using most of your space.

  • Very easy to use and setup
  • Affordable
  • Can access drives remotely, even from mobile devices (Android and iOS)
  • Unable to manage permissions and settings outside of your own network
  • No Linux support
    • For those interested, it is possible to mount your storage device like you would a Windows Share drive on your Linux machine. I have detailed how to do this in a previous post: Mount a Windows Share Permanently on Linux

Overall, I highly recommend the WD My Cloud. It is incredibly easy to setup, and offers a ton of space to store your data. Being able to use your mobile devices to access your cloud is also a huge bonus, and it makes this device one that is hard to pass up.

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